Starting a business online with drop-shipping

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Starting a business online with drop-shipping
The online shopping scene has reached new heights, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to come down anytime soon! More and more people are using the internet to purchase even the most basic goods… From food supplies, to healthy snacks, from geek-items to electronics, from jewellery to fashion- people simply like to purchase online!
This is a great time to be an online vendor, however- you can become one even if you don’t have your own merchandise to sell- with Drop Shipping.

What is Drop shipping?

Drop Shipping is your way to open your own online store without having to deal with purchasing or manufacturing the goods, or even shipping them!
Websites who offer you their drop-shipping services are well connected with factories and vendors worldwide, and they will be the ones taking care of shipping the goods to your clients.

The process is simple:
You connect with these platforms to establish your store
You pick the products you wish to show-case in your store
You provide the end-vendors with your logo and company name to be added to the products and/pr the shipped packages- making sure the client knows that these goods came from your store!

Drops Shipping

How do people make money with drop-shipping?

As you saw, the concept is simple- you are selling goods that are manufactured and shipped by a third party. That peace of mind allows you to focus on marketing your online store and promoting it to reach more and more potential clients.

The biggest problem that online vendors face these days is the never ending cycle of promoting the store VS taking care of the orders.
Most of the independent vendors start with creating a stock, after which they build their ecommerce store (time spent with no revenue!)
After that they start promoting their store via Facebook, Twitter, Newsletters and other social media channels. They spend time creating Google ad campaigns and Facebook ads, and once the orders start to come in- they have to stop marketing their goods in order to take care of packing and shipping their goods to their clients- leaving them with no time to work on their advertising, which will later on create (again) a “dead” period with sales. An endless cycle that doesn’t exist with Drop-Shipping!

What are the benefits of creating a Drop-shipping business?

Starting a Dropshipping business can literally take you 1-3 days!
Most websites that offer you their Drop-Shipping options will also provide you with a platform to build your website, with an implemented theme, secure browsing, and credit card processing and payment options.
You don’t have to import products or manufacture them yourself!
You don’t need to handle a storage space, pack or ship the goods that your clients are purchasing.
You can focus ALL of your efforts on different marketing techniques: SEO, Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, and different types of Sponsored Campaigns.
You can work on the go- never tied to a specific place. As long as you have a laptop and wifi- you can manage your business at any time and any place.

With so many people interested in Drop-Shipping these days- it’s safe to say that those who will do it better- would make the biggest revenue. But how can you start from scratch, with no relevant experience?
Entrepreneur-Brain has located the best online courses that will teach you how to start a successful and profitable Drop shipping business. These courses would give you all the tools and knowledge you need to create your online business with minimum hassle and maximum success!

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