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If you know your way around photoshop or even just have a good eye for design- you could make a lot of money selling graphic design services- online!
Since the product you are selling is not a physical product, but a file, you could be selling your services to clients from all over the world, work from anywhere you want (that has a wifi connection) and at any time of the day.

What kind of graphic services can you offer online?

There are several types of Graphic design jobs you could do- some that require months of work (like re-designing a platform or designing a system from scratch), and others that could take any time between few minutes to a day of work.

A lot of graphic designers believe that the big projects is where the money is- since that they give you a sense of stability and a fixed amount for a period of time, however, there is a lot of money to be made with small projects (such as: designing banners, landing pages, social media graphics and more) when you know how to reach the right clients who can give you the proper value for your time.
As most clients these days like to meet their hired freelancer, it might not be worth your time to meet them for small projects- but you could have clients who approach you online, that are satisfied with working on a message board without meeting you face to face.

How to find your clients online?

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Some graphic designers find their online clients within Facebook or Linkedin groups- dedicated for that cause. However, you’ll have to show your website, a big portfolio, and make the buyers feel safe enough to send you money without meeting you. Or- settle for doing the job first and receiving the money later, which in that case involves trust from your side.

But there’s an easier way to do all that!
Since the need for casual graphic design projects has grown rapidly in the past few years- a lot of businesses rose with a new format- a platform that offers both buyers and graphic designers a place to “trade” their work. These websites are basically a marketplace for online services that acts as a third party when it comes to locating the right graphic designer and securing payment.
You can open a profile in these platforms, show-case your best work, write few words about yourself- and let the platform take it’s course.
Once a client purchases graphic work from you- they are already paying it to that platform, and once you deliver the work- the money would be transferred to you. Easy, right?

How to make sure your online business is profitable!

Starting this online business could be really hard at the beginning. Like in any marketplace- some people tend to choose those who are already well-reviewed and have established more experience with the platform and it’s clients. However, there is always room for “new player”- if you know how to play.

When logging to these platforms- try and see what other graphic designers are offering. The top selections might be swamped with work- making their delivery time long for potential clients- this is your way in- by advertising a fast service such as “Order now- get your banners in 36 Hours” or so. You could offer package deals or give attractive prices in your early-days in order to build your reputation through these platforms.
Mind that each platform is also marketing itself in social media and search engines, and as your profile will grow you’ll get more and more work from them.
Working with marketplace platforms can be your way to reach a successful independent lifestyle- as a graphic designer. You’ll never know until you try!

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