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Content is King- and everybody knows that these days.
After banners were declared “dying” in 2007, and the term Banner Blindness was established, more and more people started promoting their businesses using content.

How to make money with content:

You can make a lot of money with the right content offer! For that you’ll need to understand the 4 basic content needs of most companies in the market these days:
SEO content
Blog content
Copyrighting (for landing pages and various online ads)
Social and promotional content
If you know how to write one or more of these categories- all you need is to attract the right clients your way- and you can make money online with content writing.

You can have 3 types of clients when working as a freelance content writer-
Clients who will take you for a one-time-small-gig: writing their “about” page, writing their landing page content, etc.
Clients who will hire you for a big singular project: such as creating full-website content with 20-30 pages.
Or clients who would hire you on a retainer blog-management offer.

Most content writers, for obvious reasons, choose to work with the bigger projects, or the retainer projects, understanding that the time they would spend on “closing the deal” with a small-gig client wouldn’t be worth their time. But you can actually make more money with these small offers- if you do them fully online!

“How can I reach clients online?”

A lot of freelance content writers are finding clients via Facebook or Linkedin, however- these clients might not be willing to just work with you without meeting you first or seeing a big portfolio. There’s also the questions of payment- will the pay you upfront, trusting you’ll deliver, or will you deliver trusting they’d pay you after?

You can solve all of these problems with a simple solution- open a content writer profile in an online marketplace for content and copyright services!
These marketplaces exist more than you’d think- and they are meant to serve both sides. The client finds your profile on this marketplace and pays them for your services- knowing their reputation. Once the order is delivered and the client is satisfied- the platform would pass the money to your account.
You enjoy fast and easy credit-card processing services, and also the marketplace’s reputation, making the clients come to you- and not the other way around.
In these marketplaces people know that they will only work with you online, wouldn’t expect meeting you, and will submit all kinds of offers- big or small.
This is your way to make big money out of small offers- cutting down all the sales and payment part of your work with each client.

Freelance Writing

Adopt the full laptop lifestyle as an online freelance content writer!

This system, of working with online marketplaces can get you to the best place a content writer could be in- a location independent professional!
You could login to these systems and deliver work at any time of the day, and from anywhere in the world (that has wifi). You can work with clients from different countries, making your writer’s portfolio more impressive- and learning new things on the go.

The more work you’ll do for these marketplaces- the more they’ll push your offers up on the offer board, making this a snowball of work!
Each marketplace has it’s own style, with different design, different price range and attracts a different kind of clients.
In some of these websites you’ll have to register as a writer and pass writing tests to increase your site score, and in other sites you will just create content packages for anyone to order! These marketplaces support content offers in any language in the world- and also allow you to offer translation services if you are fluent in more than one language.

Check out our recommended marketplaces for freelance content writers- and start making money online today!

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