Why do so many people want to learn graphic design?

Learn Graphic Design

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Do you often hear about people who are “living the dream” with a laptop lifestyle? Did you ever wish that you could do the same? Have that type of freedom? if this is your passion, learn graphic design and it can absolutely help you to reach your target

Most of the articles about people who are working from the beach are trying to sell you the “easy life” of a Forex trader or a stock market broker. But you can make legit money, with no risk, with graphic design.

Graphic design- your way to earn a living!

More and more companies are going digital.
If 12 years ago there were only several marketplaces for online goods- today the situation is completely different. Online presence is KEY, and good graphics is the way to get to your target audience.

Store owners are opening online stores and catalogs to maximize sales, and some vendors actually choose to open only an online store- forsaking the offline storage all together.
Combine that with the rise of independent businesses marketed in Google and/or on Facebook- and you are looking at a big target audience of people who will need a graphic designer!

It’s your way to open your own business!

From website design- to application design, from rebranding to logo creations, from social media graphics to Google banners- there are so many services that skilled graphic designers can offer their clients. And you could be part of it all!
Freelance graphic designers can get clients in 3 ways:
By associating with a digital agency.
There are a lot of digital agencies offering a variety of clients services such as content writing, website building and social media marketing. These companies often “hire” freelance content writers as sub-contractors and send clients their way.
With your own website.
Approaching clients on Linkedin and Facebook and presenting a website that is well designed and contains an impressive portfolio.
Working fully online using online platforms.
Platforms like Freelancer, Fiverr or Up-work that allows you to set a professional profile there and accept orders from clients from all over the world.

But going Freelance is not your only option…

Graphic designers are well paid professionals in media and tech companies, with the best terms and the best equipment. Companies are always searching for new talents, people who didn’t necessarily went to university to study design- but rather took online courses and perfected their work on the go. There are always openings for junior graphic designers, as well as senior designers and team leaders.

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If you have a taste for symmetry and color- you could be on the right way and climb up the ladder in a high-tech or media company- from Junior Graphic Designer, to Senior, to Team Leader, and even to an Art Director’s position.

Learn graphic design and it could make a difference

You could take a variety of courses to learn the basics of Graphic Design, as well as take advanced courses if you have previous experience in the field.
And it’s so easy too!
You don’t even have to leave home with these online courses for graphic design. You could learn how to work with new softwares, how to perfect your skills with photoshop or illustrator, and do it all from your computer at home or anywhere you want! It’s the perfect course for people who are tight with time, or that only have “weird hours” available in their schedule. Think about it- what other profession could you study in any hour of the day and from anywhere in the world?

Entrepreneur Brain has gathered some of the best online courses for graphic designers especially for you! Courses that will not only teach you how to become a professional in graphic design, but will also show you how to use various online tools to get the job done!
Ready to start your new career?

Interested to learn Graphic Design?
Try these courses from Udemy

Ultimate Guide on Freelancing Career in Photoshop Design. Description A step-by-step guide on designing web home pages in photoshop and building a business as a web designer. No coding.

Creative Online Course Design for The Beginner n A streamlined template to take any idea to a complete course to teach online.

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