How to start with Drop-Shipping

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How would you like to do something a bit different? are you considering Drop-Shipping seriously?
A lot of people are dreaming about having this successful e-commerce business, however, very few make it in today’s market, and all those who fail doing so with a large financial risk.
In order for you to open an online store you need to have something to sell, a place to store it and people to help you with the shipping and marketing.

Though it is true that there are some big websites that offer you their services of shipping and storage for 15% of the cut- you still have to purchase the good and ship them to them with 1 obvious risk- what if nobody is going to buy?

You don’t need to have STOCK in order to sell

The dropshippign trend is becoming more and more popular these days, and this is the perfect time to enter this new market.

The business of drop-shipping is a no brainer- you basically build a website that uses other vendor’s merchandise as well as their shipping and storage services.
You select the products you wish to promote, create a connection with these vendors and than display them in your store.
Once a sale is made the information is automatically transferred to the vendor and they send the goods to the client- with your brand name on the package. (Read more about this method in our article about Drop-Shipping)

However, not everyone who starts with drop-shipping succeeds, and though this is a relatively risk-free business, we wouldn’t want you wasting your time.

So, what can go wrong with drop-shipping?

You could have the best looking website for drop shipping but you will end up making little to no money from it, for 2 main reasons:

The vendors you’ve selected are non-reliable, leaving you with customer complaints, angry at YOUR brand for not delivering their order, or even worse- delivering low quality items.
You could have this store up and running but fail to market it the wrong why- leaving it just THERE, taking space in the world wide web and giving you no revenue.
But these 2 points can be avoided if you simply educate yourself beforehand on the business of drop shipping.

How can you become the BEST drop-shipper?

Operating a successful drop-shipping business is a trade, one that can be taught, just like content writing or graphics design.
Salehoo offers drop-shipping education and platform click here to check it

EntrepreneurBrain’s experts set out and found the best online courses for the drop-shipper in heart!
These courses would teach you techniques you were not aware of, share years of knowledge with you, and will give you all the tools you need in order to fight the 2 main reasons that drop-shipping businesses fail- vendors and marketing.
In this courses you’ll be exposed to different plugins and addons that will help you see the reliability level of each potential vendor- making sure you choose a vendor that will deliver to your clients. These experts will also teach you how to track HOT and TRENDY items online, making sure that the items you place in your drop-shipping store would be items that people are searching for!

But that’s not all, EntrepreneurBrain’s team found that these top 2 online platforms for drop-shipping education will teach you how to brand yourself, how to market yourself, and will always have the most updated tips for social advertising and marketing in today’s changing market!

EntrepreneurBrain’s have 2 great offers for you to start your next Drop-Shipping venture:

1. Salehoo is a great place to start and work in the field of Drop-shipping

2. Udemy offers some great Drop-Shipping courses

are you a dropshipper
Build a Dropship Empire From Scratch. The Proven Blueprint. Turn a Few Dollars into Financial Freedom Using a Proven Step-by-Step System to Create Your Own Drop Shipping Empire

So, what are you waiting for? Go explore these sites and be one step closer to owning your own successful drop-shipping  e-commerce business!

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