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Affiliation is one of the most popular ways to earn from the Internet (!?) and though a lot of people think that it’s hard or difficult becoming an affiliate- the truth is that it’s not that complicated when you know how to do it!

What is Affiliate Marketing and what does it mean “becoming an affiliate”?

The concept of affiliate marketing is really simple: you make money by referring people to purchase products and services online, if they purchase them- you get money from the purchase.
So- an affiliate is basically a person that creates an online connection with a company that offers any kind of online service or product in order to refer potential clients to it. That company/online store provides the affiliate with a unique link and tracking code, making sure that everyone that clicks on it and purchases something from that company will be known as someone who was referred by that affiliate.

becoming an affiliate

How can I promote Affiliation offers online?

Different affiliates are using different techniques to drive potential clients to the products they are promoting. Affiliate marketing can be done with or without a website, using social media channels and even emails. And here’s how you can promote your affiliation offers:

Using a website:
There are 2 ways to promote an affiliate link using a website you own.
You could select a certain product and write a review about it in your website. Make sure to attach the special affiliate link to the images and also use a link inside the text.
If you don’t want to have a website based on reviews, you can simply create content for your website that is interesting to read, and use the affiliate links inside the banners in your website.
Using a newsletter:
If you have people listed to get your updates you can send them offers of the stores you’re affiliated with by email. Make sure to make the newsletters colorful and attractive to make sure people click on the links and images inside them.
Social media:
You don’t even need a website, or a newsletter service- you can simply promote affiliate links and images within social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
You can do that by either creating a Facebook page to promote your content and offers, or by joining relevant groups and placing your links there.
becoming an affiliate can be in many ways.

How can I join an Affiliation program?

Joining an affiliate program is actually quite simple! If you go to any e-commerce website you would probably see a link at the bottom of the site (the footer) that says Affiliates.
Some websites manage their own affiliate platform (Like Aliexpress) and other online stores use an affiliate market to manage their affiliate links and reports (like Etsy using Zanox).

Applying is easy- you’ll need to fill out your details, your main niche and Geo target and after approval you’ll be able to promote the products and online stores that fits your audience.

The secret is in the niche…

Many affiliates start their way by promoting different offers but can never quite reach their revenue goals. Some affiliates are having trouble finding the audience for the niche they have selected, or end up spending money on traffic that never converts!
Due to the endless amount of affiliate programs and techniques, it’s important to focus yourself in a niche that is either extremely profitable or “hits home” with it’s content- making it easier for you to attract the right people to click on your links. Like any other profession in life- becoming an affiliate can be taught!

Our team at Entrepreneur-Brain dug up the best online courses for you to learn how to become a better affiliate and start making your online revenue!

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