How can online courses help you start your online business/career

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The big wide web contains so many information- and you could use that information in order to learn a new trade, one that could score you the job of a lifetime, or even better- help you start your own successful business.

What can you learn online?

Well, practically everything!
There are so many online courses out there that will teach you different skills, professions and techniques. It’s not just one course that will make you successful, it is a pool of courses that would first teach you the basics of a certain topic, and later on teach you how to perfect your work as you go.
The majority of these courses is in the marketing field, teaching you everything from content writing to SEO, from graphic design to affiliation, from website building to app design. All you’ll need are 2 things- someone to show you the right direction, and the passion to learn and excel.

Where can you learn new professions online?

There are so many websites that offer you courses online, there are eve free video tutorials on Youtube or on several “gurus” websites. However, it’s important to learn from qualified people, otherwise you might end up spending time or money on a course that would lead you nowhere.

EntrepreneurBrain’s team members scattered the web for the best online courses. We have searched for reliable courses online, ones that would be affordable, not too time consuming, and that would be able to assist beginners as well as people who are already working in these fields.
The 2 main websites we found that could help you educate yourselves are ones you could use to take beginner level courses and see if you are fit for a certain profession, as well as high level advanced courses that will assist those of you who already own an online business to become even better, thus attracting more and more clients, and having the ability to charge more than you currently do. Education is the key to success in the online world, and these two sites simply make it easier than ever to get high quality targeted education.

Our choice: udemy & ed2go

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These are the top two websites that our team of experts found to be reliable, as well as variant. When you take a look at these two sides- walk around a bit, see different courses, search for something that you are passionate about and that fits your current level of knowledge.
Inside each course page you’ll be able to see it’s length, it’s author, the level of the class as well as how many other courses does this lecturer has in this site.

We find that it’s easier taking on a lecturer that has multiple courses, since when you start at the beginner’s level and move up, it is easier doing so when you have                                                                        the same teacher- and these sites allow that easily.

A career changer, or enhancer

online education

And what if you already have a career?
This courses could change your current path, but they could also be used to help you embrace your niche and moke more money out of it!
Graphic designers use these courses all the time to develop new skills and find a better job than they have now, and a lot of freelancers in the e-commerce business are using these courses in order to help them improve their sales.

So, to sum things up, here are the three main reasons why udemy’s & ed2go’s courses could change your life:
– These platforms could help you learn a new trade, a new profession, one where you could be a freelancer in or get a good job in.
– The offered courses, in the higher levels, will help you improve the knowledge you already have- thus making you worth more to your employer or clients.
– Online marketing courses could help you market your own business! You can be a doctor, an Etsy store owner, or a makeup artist, it doesn’t matter.. Any business owner has a lot to gain from the right online marketing education!

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